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If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere. Marilyn Monroe, on acting

It’s official

I’m very proud to launch as a British voice actor in the US today.

I’ve been voicing ads, videos, industrials, podcasts, e-learning tutorials and radio shows for over 17 years, working with clients including Heineken, Twitter,, Viscira, Global Radio and Marks and Spencer.

Brits are on the up

According to UK broadsheet newspaper The Telegraph, requests for British accents for an American audience more than doubled in 2015. A recent study analysed 5,000 job adverts requesting British-sounding voices for recording roles, used for anything from online guides and training videos to automated voicemails. The report finds that British ‘cut-glass’ accents, like those famously relayed in Downton Abbey, are the most requested here in The States.

Coming to America

I moved to San Francisco from the UK a few months ago, and with the demand for British voices on the rise, signed with Stars, The Agency, in June. And I’m proud to announce today that I have now joined the team at TGMD in LA.

Get in touch

So if you’re looking for your next Lady Mary, Wicked Queen or Cockney Lady of the Night for your next project, I’d love to chat to you. You can get in touch via my agents, Matt Bruun at Stars, The Agency, in San Francisco on 415.421.6272 or Vanessa Gilbert at TGMD, LA on 323.850.6767.

Or if you’d prefer, we can chat direct. Drop me a line at or call me on 415.272.8753. I’d really love the opportunity to work with you and bring your stories to life.

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